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Terms of Service

We are TEEL, a simple image host provider, ("we", "our", "us"). Our service consists of a simple upload button for anyone to anonymously upload any image, as long as it is a JPG, PNG, GIF, or WEBP file.

How uploads are handled

Any image uploaded stays directly on our server, and may be cached through CloudFlare for faster loading. The user is given a randomly generated link with the date and time appended to it, and the user is free to share the link as they see fit.

Storing on our server

By uploading to our website, you agree to the possibility that your image may be deleted for any reason. This is not a cloud storage service or photo album vault. This service is for quick sharing of images with a direct link, for use on forums, social media, Discord, etc.

Privacy policy

Part of accepting these terms means you also have read and accept our privacy policy.

Changes to these terms

We may make changes to these terms at any time. You may be asked to review and re-accept the information if it changes in the future.